11 Fun Facts About Cats

Fun Facts About Cats

Many people love to keep a cat as pet. Having cats as pet can make a person experience some interesting and funny moments. Let us look at some fun facts about cats.

1. Cats can make different sounds, which can amaze anyone. Different breeds of cat can make up to 100 different vocal sounds, isn’t that interesting? Cats can also change their voice unlike dogs.

2. Cats when happy squeeze their eyes completely. This is their gesture to show the happiness, but it rather looks animated and funny.

3. Put water on a cat, and see how a cat reacts. Cats hate water, because their fur is not water resistant. They hate it when somebody pours water on their fur, and they make growling sound.

4. A cat jumps up to five times higher than its own height. Cats normally tend to jump, when they are happy.

5. A female cat is normally called a “molly” or “queen.” Perhaps a female cat behaves in a similar manner.

6. A cat’s urine glows under black light.

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