8 Ways Stress Affects Your Health

8 Ways Stress Affects Your Health

Stress is a killer literally. It blocks your thought process, keeps you in the dark and far from reality. Listed below are some drastic effects of stress that you must know to evade it by all means.

1. It lowers your self-confidence

Your self confidence could experience a serious downfall, thanks to the ever increasing stress your undergoing in your life. Unless you tackle the cause of your stress properly, it can be really difficult to be your true self and maintain the same level of self-confidence.

2. It lowers your self-control

Often, you may have noticed how you start hogging to your heart’s content as soon as you feel down. This condition is known as emotional eating. This may subsequently lead to not just weight gain but also other health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

3. It leads to sleep problems

Many a time, you just cannot put your eyelids to rest after a major stressful episode. Loss of sleep is one of the major effects of stress on the body. This may subsequently lead to problems at your work the following day.

4. It makes you look older

The stress hormone cortisol can wreak havoc on your appearance too. Dark circles, blemishes, pimples are just a few of the many effects stress can have on your body. Premature aging is one of the major effects of stress.

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