5 Reasons Why Smoking-Caused Cancer Diagnosis in Celebrities Spurs People to Stop Smoking

Reasons Why Smoking-Caused Cancer Diagnosis in Celebrities Spurs People to Stop Smoking

Reasons why smoking-caused cancer diagnosis in Celebrities spurs people to stop smoking
People smoke for a lot of reasons. They start smoking to look cool succumbing to peer pressure, to release pressure, to feel light headed or just use it as a stress release tool. Whatever reasons people use to start smoking and continue the habit, smoking can never be good for them. Smoking is associated with a lot of adverse health effects, not to mention the financial drain. People not only spend a lot on cigarettes, cigars and tobacco but also end up spending a lot on their hospital bills later, for smoking causes a lot of silent sicknesses. Although Governments spend a lot of money urging people to quit smoking and a lot of countries have banned it, there are a lot of other reasons why people decide to quit smoking. Aside from the health problems another reason why people quit smoking is because of them looking at celebrities who’ve been diagnosed with cancer because of their smoking habits. Here’s how a celebrity diagnosis can spur people to quit smoking.

1. High visibility

When a celebrity is diagnosed with cancer and when he or she has got it due to smoking, it cannot be really pushed under the rug. Even if the celebrity does not want to talk about it the paparazzi do not leave them in peace. It comes out and every stage of their disease is completely chronicled. No one wants to see their favorite celebrity dying slowly or suffering. This could be a reason why the fans too decide to quit smoking. It could be either the fear of not wanting to die that way or because of solidarity.

2. Ape celebrities

If someone had started smoking because their favorite celebrity made it cool, then the chances of them quitting smoking because of the celebrity are high too. People sometimes want to ape celebrities and do whatever they do and to see them go through the ravaging cancer can put them off smoking for good.

3. They see it in public

Most celebrities live their life in public and every aspect of their disease is public. They also become unwitting spokespeople for anti-smoking campaign. When celebrities can sell a lot of products, they can also be effective in preventing people from smoking and their very public presence is the reason for this.

4. More is written about their addiction and treatment

There is a lot written about the smoking habits of celebrities, their addiction and their treatment. It makes news everywhere and there is no escaping it right from blogs, to the web to newspapers and magazines. The more people read about it and the more they are bombarded with news about this, the less they are likely to continue smoking.

5. More awareness

The plight of a celebrity suffering from life threatening disease is also bound to bring about more awareness about the habit as well as the adverse effects of it. The huge reach that they have in terms of their popularity across the country and even outside of it makes them great ambassadors for anti-smoking.

People react in different ways to celebrity life. Their suffering in a way bring about positive effects like spurring people to stop smoking. former Brazilian president Lula is a good example of how his cancer diagnosis spurred the Brazilians to quit smoking. He also gained a lot of support and sympathy among his people.

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