8 Signs You are a People Pleaser

8 Signs You are a People Pleaser

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Everyone would like to be popular among their friends, family and acquaintances. But if you are the type of person who goes overboard trying to get other people’s acceptance, you could be a people pleaser. Here are a few signs that you are one.

1. Your decisions are influenced by other people

People pleasers often take decisions based on what other people will think rather than how that decision will affect their own life. If you have a habit of being influenced by others while taking decisions that will impact your own life, you could be a people pleaser too.

2. You agree even when you want to disagree

If you find yourself smiling, nodding and agreeing to others even when you don’t want to, it could be a sign of that you are a people pleaser. People with this kind of mindset think that agreeing with everyone will help them to gain social acceptability and popularity.

3. You can’t say no to anyone

Not being able to refuse is one of the most important signs of being a people pleaser. If you aren’t assertive enough and can’t refuse someone when you don’t want to do something, it is likely that you are trying to make that person happy.

4. You need other people’s approval or advice in everything

People pleasers become so used to thinking by stepping in other people’s shoes that they forget how to think on their own two feet. While making decisions, they constantly feel the urge of taking other people’s advice or approval. If you do this too, you could be vying for other people’s acceptance.

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