5 Tips to Avoid Hurting Your Boyfriend’s Ego

5 Tips to Avoid Hurting Your Boyfriend's Ego

Somtimes your words and your behavior can deliver a swift kick to your boyfriend’s ego, even if this isn’t your intention. A hurt ego can really hamper a relationship. If you think you may be doing things that are only setting your boyfriend off and bringing his spirits down, this list is for you. Use these tips to avoid hurting your boyfriend’s ego.

1. Be nice about something that went wrong

If your guy went wrong somewhere or goofed up, do not keep nagging him by saying “I told you so” or “You think you are always right”. Instead of blaming him, try to express your feelings in a polite and understanding manner. This way your boyfriend won’t feel like he is being accused of a crime.

2. Don’t taunt him in public

If you are clearing out something or dealing with an issue never do it in public. You might make your guy feel humiliated by pointing out what he did wrong. Moreover, he will feel like you don’t respect him. Keep such discussions private and avoid hurting his ego.

3. Give him your attention

A man, no matter how many sports games he watches or how many Saturday afternoons he spends working on his car, wants to know that he is loved and desired by his girl. Don’t ignore him or forget to whisper sweet nothings. He deserves your attention. Don’t get too distracted by your girlfriends or work!

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