8 Secrets You Should Never Share With Your BFF

8 Secrets You Should Never Share With Your BFF

Your best friend or BFF is that one person in the world with whom you can share almost anything. Mind you, the phrase was ‘almost anything’, not everything. Confused? Let’s explain it to you. There are some secrets which you should never share with your BFF. Do you want to know what they are? Then read ahead.

1. Your credit card or debit card pin number

This is something you should never share with your best friend. You may be the best of buddies, but telling her your credit or debit card pin number is sheer stupidity. You may trust her and all, but you never know when she might get a sudden urge to spend your money. If your bank account suddenly falls like the stock market, then don’t complain that we didn’t warn you.

2. Your dislike towards her boyfriend

Even if he’s a total freak and the most irritating person on earth, never make the mistake of telling your BFF that. She will totally lash out at you even if you have the best of intentions. Now, you wouldn’t want to ruin your relation with her just because of a jerk, would you?

3. That you are dating her ex

Hmm. Always a touchy topic. If you happen to date her ex-boyfriend even if it is after like 4 years, don’t mention it to her. Exes always seem to hit the wrong spot of a person and it might be better for both of you and your relationship that her ex and your present stay behind the curtains.

4. That her boyfriend/husband hits on you

No girl/woman ever wants to know that her boyfriend/husband is a total pervert, even if he is. So if he happens to hit on you, then confront him but not your BFF. She will only end up hurt and divided because she might not know whom to believe.

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