6 Best Ice Breakers for a Conversation with Your Crush

6 Best Ice Breakers for a Conversation with Your Crush

Many of us have faced it. Though we are confident and smart in our own ways, most women find it hard to chat up a guy they like. Pickup lines are tacky, aren’t they? We know how stupid they sound because we have been at the receiving end. Hence, we don’t want to use them. Yet talking to someone you are crushing on but unfamiliar with is as important to most women as getting the color of their lipstick right. However, this is not an easy task. If done in a lousy way this can cause a few toe curling moments for you. Wondering how to do it right? Here are six best ice breakers for a conversation with your crush.

1. Be confident and relaxed

The first step towards talking to your crush is coming across as easy going, confident and happy. Don’t think “Gee! I’m talking to him!” in your head when you muster the courage to speak. Smile, make eye contact – these two gestures ease out most of the awkwardness in such a situation. Don’t pretend or act smart or be nervous, just say something nice and easy.

2. If in the same office or school discuss work

If you happen to be in the same office, college or school, you can discuss something casual like an upcoming event, a teacher or the next semester depending on your comfort level. And make it sound absolutely normal like you are discussing a facial with your beautician. This is one of the most non-intrusive and safest ways to get the ball rolling. If you have got a sense of humor, feel free to use it. He will come back for more conversation sooner than you expect.

3. Talk about mutual interests

Find out what your crush likes. Certain rock bands or a brand of coffee that he is particularly fond of, if he has an active hobby etc. For example, if you catch him sporting a T-shirt with a picture of Metallica/System of A Down/Tool on it, it’s a great ice breaker to talk about the band. However, don’t fake it if rock music isn’t your cup of coffee. Nothing is as off putting for anyone as catching someone in their lies. By no means do you want to stalk him though. But it pays a lot if you research your crush a little.

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