8 Common Mistakes Women make on the First Date

8 Common Mistakes Women make on the First Date

You had the perfect date, lots of conversation and wine, you even called him, but he does not seem to be interested anymore. Want to know why? Below is a list of common mistakes that women make on their first dates.

1. Talking too much

Women have a tendency of talking more than listening. This makes a man feel that you are not interested in him but that you are self-obsessed. Also talking too much on your cell phone or texting while on a date is a very common mistake.

2. Dwelling on the past

Discussing your ex-boyfriend is another such mistake. If you do this, you are giving out the signal that you are still living in the past and are not quite ready to move on yet.

3. Having too much to drink

A drink or two is fine but getting drunk on your first date is a common mistake women make. Not only will you come across as a drunkard, even if you barely drink otherwise, you will also come across as easy.

4. Faking it

In an attempt to try too hard, it is not uncommon for women to end up faking who they are altogether: saying things they don’t believe in and talking about hobbies they don’t particularly enjoy. Men can sense this and get put off.

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