8 Reasons Why You Are Lucky To Have A Cancer Boyfriend?

Why Is Your Cancer Boyfriend Better Than The Rest?

You may say that he gets a little too possessive at times, while other times he’s too sensitive; but are you even aware that what a gem you have found? Everyone has their flaws, but your Cancer boyfriend has qualities that easily make up for his flaws. Cancer boys are one in a million. We bring to you reasons why your Cancer boyfriend is better than the rest of the boys you must have ever seen or dated.

  1. Loyalty is the most important thing in a relationship. Anything can be forgiven, but when your boyfriend starts cheating on you, it is almost impossible to forgive him. You won’t have to really worry about disloyalty with your Cancer boyfriend. Cancer boys are one-woman focused. When they love someone, it is impossible for them to even think about somebody else.
  2. Has it ever happened that you wanted to talk about something to your Cancer boyfriend and he didn’t bother to listen? It surely hasn’t. We say that your Cancer boyfriend is more sensitive than any other boy you must have ever come across. Even under those rock hard abs and strong features, there lies a man whose heart melts faster than a candle on fire. He will listen to you when you’re sad, moreover he will understand you. What else do you want?
  3. Do you know 90% of the boys around you think no end of themselves? Male ego is one of the most common feature you’ll find in most guys. However, your Cancer boyfriend is different. He’s humble. So even if he looks like a Prince, he doesn’t know about it. You won’t find those attitude tantrums usually with your Cancer boyfriend because he tends to think everyone around him is better than him. Your job here is to constantly remind him how precious he is and lift up his spirits. You love him, don’t you? So doing that shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Girls love romance more than anything else. It is romance that makes a relationship fun and exciting. Your Cancer boyfriend must be instrumental in adding to the romance in your relationship. Cancer boys believe love is not love unless it is expressed. Hence, they make it a point to remind their special someone about their love with every chance they get. He tends to get very nurturing, loving, gentle and intimate with the girl he loves. Gosh girl, do you even realize how lucky you are!

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