20 Signs That He Likes You Back

20 Signs That He Likes You Back[/caption]

So, you have a crush on a guy. But you’re wondering if he likes you back or not? Millions of girls across the globe are as confused as you are for not knowing whether the guy likes them back or not. Check out our quick guide on the top 20 signs that he likes you back.

1. He keeps staring at you when you talk

If your guy stares at you while you are talking or doing something else, it’s a sure shot sign that he likes you back. Rejoice!

2. He makes excuses to touch you

Does your guy attempt to hold your hands or brush with you accidently? Beware friends, this is no accident. It is a clear sign that he likes you back.

3. You see him going green

Is he giving you those dagger looks when he sees you talking to another guy? Going green with envy is one of the first signs that your guy likes you back. Tease him as much as you can.

4. He tries to adopt your interests

He starts to watch romantic movies that he usually hates. He starts visiting shopping malls that he can’t otherwise stand. This is a clear indication that he likes you back and is trying to generate interest in what you like.

5. Your guy’s friends are giving signals

Are your crush’s friends being extra careful when they are around you two? If they’re going out of their way to give you two extra privacy, it means that your guy likes you back.

6. He initiates meetings

“Hey what are you doing this Tuesday?” or “I have two tickets for a baseball match”. If your crush is initiating dates with these traditional pick up likes, it means he’s giving you signs that he likes you back.

7. He compliments you often

Your guy not only likes you back but probably is also in love with you if he takes effort to see how you’ve dressed up and compliments you even if you’re wearing something ordinary.

8. He defends you in public

Only a guy who really likes you back will defend you openly. Guys usually don’t like being very vocal about their feelings towards a girl in public, unless they really like her.

9. He uses nicknames for you

Is your crush casually using nicknames like ‘Honey bee’, ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Cupcake’ for you? No one in a platonic friendship would do this. His sweet nothings are a trustworthy sign that he likes you back a lot.

10. He keeps giving gifts

Even if your guy gifts you simple things like flowers or chocolates every day, he is going out of his way to impress you and give you a sign that he really likes you back.

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