How to Tell Your Best Friend that She is Dating a Jerk?

How to Tell Your Best Friend that She Is Dating a Jerk?

Of all the people in the world if your BFF has begun dating a jerk, what do you do? You know that the guy is a loser who is just not worth her love, attention and care. You know that you have to warn her about him. But you also know how sensitive the issue is and handling it in the wrong way can cause a dent in your friendship, at least until the jerk reveals in some way that he is a world class jerk. If you are a true friend, you should go all out and get the blindfold off your friend’s eyes.

1. Never criticize him

If love is blind, infatuation is blind, deaf, dumb and stupid. She will never understand your reason if you make the initiative and might even begin ignoring you. So, rule #1, never criticize her date. You will only succeed in pushing her more towards him. The best thing that you can do is to not encourage her. Do not giggle with her when she tells you about him. Do not seem too interested in what she says about him and never help her get all dressed up for the date.

2. Don’t use swear words for him

Gradually, if your BFF cares as much for you as you do for her, she will realize your disapproval and bring the matter out in the open. Now is your chance to talk. Tell her gently what you think about the guy and never use expletives to describe him, no matter how much the swear words dance on the tip of your tongue.

3. Be neutral

Control yourself, talk neutrally and tell her that if you were in her place and vice versa, she would have done exactly what you are trying to do now because you both really understand and care for each other.

4. Make her suspicious

Dangle threads that arouse doubts in her mind about the jerk. Just say something like ‘Are you really happy or are you just trying to be so?’ or maybe ‘Were you with your new date yesterday because I think I saw your date cuddling a girl in the alley?’ or ‘Hey, keep your guards up because you can trust anyone these days.’

Make sure that you show your disapproval. It’s alright if your relationship is dented. She will soon realize that he is a jerk and your friendship will be right back on track. After all, you both are Best Friends Forever.

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