Top 5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Husband Material

Top 5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Husband Material

Sandra, 24, thinks she knows it all when it comes to spotting whether anyone’s boyfriend is marriage material or not. We think she has the right to brag about it because she has married her long time boyfriend of 4 years and has never been in a committed relationship with anyone except him. Let’s find out what Sandra had to say when we asked her, “What is a sign that your man is marriage material?”

1. He treats his mother well

“One of the first signs that your boyfriend is marriage material is if he treats his mother well. The way a man treats his mother is a clear indication of how he will treat other women”, said Sandra. So if you want to heed Sandra’s advice, try fixing up a dinner with your boyfriend’s family and find out how he treats his mother.

2. He invites you to meet his family

It’s often believed that guys really don’t like their girlfriends to meet their own family until they are really sure about the future of their relationship. Sandra confirmed this and said, “The minute my guy asked me to come over to his place for a family dinner, I knew that it was a perfect sign that he was marriage material”. She also mentioned that she never let go of his arm ever since. Very cute, we think.

3. He doesn’t avoid talking about commitment

“What does your man do when you talk about commitment? Does he try to change the topic or does he openly talk about it?”, asked Sandra. According to her, if your boyfriend is open to discuss commitment, it is a clear sign that he is marriage material. If you want to test this sign with your boyfriend, we suggest that you subtly bring up the topic of commitment and observe his reactions.

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