8 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus is not a Good Role Model for Your Kid

Reasons Why Miley Cyrus is not a Good Role Model for Your Kid

A role model is someone who can be idolized. For children their role model is like their inspiration in life. But, if your child has a bad role model, it can affect his/her life on the whole. One such name is Miley Cyrus. She is a role model for many young children, but is she worth the respect. Well, the answer is ‘no’. Listed below are some reasons why Miley Cyrus is not a good role model.

1. She does not respect law or people

Miley believes in breaking the law, and that is something you will not appreciate for your kids. She once parked her car in the space meant for handicapped people. She did not care about law or people who need extra support. This shows that she has no respect for anyone around her. Can she really be a good role model for your child?

2. She often makes fun of new singers

If you are famous, you need to show your humility in life! This is so not the case with Miley. She not only makes fun of new singers but also spoofs them. She had made fun of Selena Gomez in a music video with her friends. Is this what you would want your child to learn?

3. She believes in flaunting

Being a celeb you need to do all sorts of things to remain in the limelight. But, exposing your body without any reason is not justified. Many young girls would learn the same thing from her. Miley not only flaunts her body but also does weird things to stay in limelight.

4. She does not believe in true apology

Miley does all sorts of things that offend people around her. She then calls it peace by saying a ‘sorry’. But, her sorry has no meaning whatsoever. She repeats the same mistake every time she says a sorry. Do you want your child to learn such lessons in life?

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