7 Things to Know Before You Start Dating Online

Things to Know Before You Start Dating Online

If you have finally decided that online dating is for you, go for it! But wait, are you sure you know what you are getting into? Most people just follow the crowd and do what everybody else is doing and end up confused, frustrated and eventually miserable. Remember that the World Wide Web is a magical thing indeed, but it is actually a very real thing too and can do wonders at the same time. But that does not mean that you could have too many unrealistic expectations from it. Before beginning to looking for matches and dating online, learn the rules of the game to be on the safe side, as much as you can. Listed below are the top 7 things you must know before you start dating online.

1. Ask yourself, is online dating for you

First and foremost, you should ask yourself whether you really want to meet people online. Meeting people online and meeting them face to face are two very different things indeed and the experiences and their outcomes are also very different. So before getting into it, think about whether you would be able to handle such a relationship based on technology. Also, think whether you want a romantic backdrop or a perfect meeting story to tell later in your life, because if you meet someone online, it would not be so dramatically romantic.

2. Don’t trust pictures

The first thing everyone does while visiting profiles of people out there on dating websites is check out the pictures posted there. But you should know that these pictures are very misleading. First of all, what most people do not understand is that you cannot like or dislike a person just by seeing his profile photo which may or may not have been captured in proper lighting, from the right angle, by a professional photographer and using a professional camera. So how the person actually looks in person is something you can never know by seeing those tiny pictures on your computer or mobile screen. Instead, chat with the person, see how he behaves, what his intentions are and then go ahead, before jumping into any misinformed conclusion.

3. Remember, not everything is genuine

No matter how much a person writes about himself, in the end he will most definitely cook a few things up just to add some pizzazz which may otherwise be missing. However, this is something everyone does – even you have done it. You may have reduced your weight by a few pounds and someone may have added a few inches to his height. But what you should be wary of are fake people with fake profiles. They not only waste your time, but also misuse the website which may originally be meant for genuine dating.

4. You can never be sure about compatibility

Even if you think that he is just the guy, you can never be sure about your compatibility unless you meet and spend time in person. It is very easy to please someone online by typing in sweet messages and pretending to be very caring, but wait till you get to know each other so well that you actually meet, share phone numbers, hang out together and have a relationship in person.

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