10 Signs He is Falling for You

10 Signs He is Falling for You

Are you dying to know what’s in his heart, but don’t know how to do so? Are you craving to unlock the secrets of his heart, to have a peep inside and see if you are the queen of his heart or not? Well, don’t fret too much. Read on to know about the signs that he is falling for you.

1. You often get ‘No reason’ calls from him!

He calls you ‘just like that’, for no particular reason. That’s the first sign that he’s falling for you – when he wants to hear your voice all the time!

2. His eyes follow you!

He often steals glances at you and can’t seem to get enough of you!

3. All his close friends know about you!

That means you are on his mind a lot, so much that he discusses you with his close friends.

4. He makes your birthday a very special day!

He goes out of his way to make you feel like a princess on your special day!

5. He holds your hand lovingly!

Every time you are watching a movie together or taking a casual walk, you find him holding your hand gently – a gesture that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

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