8 Reasons Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time

8 Reasons Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time

Couples drift apart with time and this is a secret everyone knows but do not really want to talk about it. If you think you are drifting away from your partner; identify the reasons quickly to prevent them from happening to you.

1. Because they do not share their real feelings

Both men and women have a tendency to accumulate their frustrations, suppress their emotions and then let them blow off the roof one fine day. If you have a problem, then communicate it in a mature manner when you see it the first time, instead of letting that sit and proliferate.

2. Because they do not accept each other’s differences

With time, couples begin to observe differences between each other and think their partner is not compatible with them. They do not accept the fact that their partner is another individual and may or may not share their interests. Not accepting each other’s differences leads to friction within the marriage.

3. Because they hold on to their egos

It is natural for fights and arguments to occur when two people live together. Giving in is considered a sign of the weak. Partners in a marriage hold on to their egos and expect their partners to comfort them. This leads to rifts in the marriage. It takes a lot of courage to break your ego and save your relationship.

4. Because they seek emotional support outside marriage

One of the very common and detrimental factors to a broken relationship is the emotional dependence on another person. Once this occurs, it might be very difficult to get out of the loop and all that your partner does might seem wrong to you. The need to compare arises and it is better to nip such relationships in the bud unless you have very strong reasons to support your point of view.

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