Know These Great Relaxation Techniques And Give Your Life A Fresh Start

Know These Great Relaxation Techniques And Give Your Life A Fresh Start

As life goes by week after week, women often find themselves stuck in a vicious circle of busy routines of work and family. Here are some great relaxation techniques to unwind and give your mind, body and soul a good break.

1. Meditation is a calming relaxation technique

Barbara, 29, a working mother on her toes 24×7, says, “I practice meditation as a relaxation technique at least 3-4 times a week. I sit with a straight back and simply focus on my breathing. This relaxation technique allows me to clear my head and feel distressed”. This relaxation technique also boosts flow of oxygen.

2. Use aromatherapy for relaxation

“I use aroma therapy as a passive relaxation technique every evening after I come back home from work”, says Alicia, 37. She also told us that she was very fond of lighting aromatic candles in her lounge with minimal to dim lighting. “This relaxation technique is great because flavors of lavender, juniper and rose are very calming”, says Alicia.

3. Spend more time in the greens to relax

Don’t you think we working women are stuck in concrete jungles all the time? Spending time outdoors in the greens is a relaxation technique that will make you feel fresh. What we really like about this relaxation technique is that it is very easy and requires little effort. Why not soothe your eyes in the greens in a park on your way back from work?

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