5 Reasons You Should Love Life Right Now

5 Reasons You Should Love Life Right Now

This one is for all those who are just waiting to fall in love with life. Ask yourself, “what will make me happy?” “What is it that I want, to be able to love life?” We give you a number of reasons why you can easily start loving your life right now, instead of waiting for something or someone to give you a reason to be happy.

1. Because being a human being is a blessing

Out of thousands of living beings on earth, you are the most wonderful creation of nature. It is a blessing to be a human being. You can create new worlds with your mind and body. You have the power to make machines and use them in a positive way. You have a wonderful body and a very imaginative mind. You can do wonders with science. You can create music. You have so many emotions to show and share. Feel the life around you and you would know that you are blessed. So love life right now.

2. Because you are loved

Look around and see that you have people who love you, no matter what. You have a loving mother who has always cooked and cleaned for you, you have a father who has always been there when you wanted to talk, you have a brother or a sister or both who drive you crazy all the time, you have friends and relatives who stand by you when you need them. You have a baby who hugs you and kisses you. All the people around you shower you with loads of love. They give you a reason to love life right now.

3. Because there’s music all around

Everything from a purr of a cat to a fast subway, from the silence of the falling snow to the loud thunder during the rains, from the tick-tock of the clock to the humming, washing machine, everything has music. And all this is all around you now. Listen to it. You will find that your life now is so musical and so rhythmic. Even a noisy class of students will become music to your ears and you’ll be able to love life right now.

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