6 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

6 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Traveling around the world is an experience of a lifetime. But wouldn’t it be worthwhile, while globetrotting, to do it in a way that helps preserve and protect the environment? Here are 6 eco-friendly travel tips that you can use while traveling around.

1. Use an energy conserving mode of transport

When you are on a trip and are planning to hire a vehicle, choose a small vehicle that would consume less fuel. The best way would be to use public transport, traveling on sharing basis or biking upto the destination, if that is possible. This would really be helpful for the environment. If all the tourists start following it, it will be cost effective and eco-friendly.

2. Use the services sustainably

You may not be paying attention if the lights, geyser, air conditioner are on while not in use, because you are in a hotel. Just because you are paying for the room and you are free to use all the facilities that does not mean you misuse it. It is important to save electricity, water and other resources wherever you go.

3. Use your room service privileges wisely

If your towels, bed spreads and comforters are clean and do not need to be changed every day, then inform the staff about the same. You could save a lot of energy by doing so.

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