5 Reasons Why Women are Daddy’s Girls

5 Reasons Why Women are Daddy's Girls

Most women were daddy’s little girls when they were small and it has been proven time and again through various surveys and researches that more women are closer to their fathers than their mothers. The father is the first male that a girl closely bonds with as soon as she is born and hence consciously or subconsciously she wishes for a man like him to be her partner. Read on to know what qualities why women desire men like their daddies.

1. Their daddy will always keep them safe

Women gain comfort from the fact that they are in safe hands wherever they are. They want a partner with whom they can be themselves and who won’t hurt them or leave them out of the blue. Fathers are protective about their daughters and their safety is of utmost concern for them. This is a quality which appeals to women and if the man in question can guard her from sadness of any kind, or at least try his best to do so, then it is a done deal.

2. They want someone who will provide for them

As much as women are independent and earning their own bread, they also like to feel safe knowing the fact that lest something happens to her, she has someone to fall back on during trying circumstances. Fathers always try to provide the best to their daughters, be it in terms of financial security, emotional support or encouragement. If women are used to such fathers in their lives, then they would definitely want their partners also to be like that.

3. They are used to the first man in their life

The first male who showed a small girl what love, care, fun and security is, is the father. She is habituated to the ways in which her father operates and it’s next to impossible to change a deep set personality which has been formed in the growing years. So just like most men look out for women who are similar to their mothers, (read momma’s boys), most women also want men who have basic qualities of their fathers.

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