8 Old Wives’ Tales on Predicting Baby Gender

8 Old Wives' Tales on Predicting Baby Gender

An expecting mother is likely to be very anxious about her baby’s gender. If you want to play wild guessing games and have some fun predicting your own baby’s gender, here are a few old wives’ tales that you can use.

1. The shape of the womb

A very famous old wives’ tale about predicting baby gender is to observe the shape of your pregnant belly. If your belly is rotund and swollen at the top, you may be carrying a baby girl. If the weight of your pregnant belly is falling downwards, you may be carrying a baby boy.

2. Moods swings

Because of extreme hormonal fluctuations, women are likely to be moody during their pregnancy. But there is a belief that if you are experiencing extreme mood swings during pregnancy, it could be a girl because she is taking away your hormones for herself.

3. Appearance

A beautiful myth in folklore that surrounds predicting baby gender is the to-be mother’s appearance. If you experience a lot of blemishes, scars and acne breakouts on your skin during pregnancy, you should expect a baby girl. This old wives’ tale came into being because unborn baby girls were believed to be stealing their mother’s beauty away for themselves. If there is no change in your appearance, you could have a baby boy.

4. The ring test

The ring test is one of the most popular old wives’ tales about predicting an unborn baby’s gender. To carry out this experiment, pull a string though a ring and dangle it over your pregnant belly. If the ring swirls in circular formations, you could be carrying a baby boy. And if the ring swirls back and forth, it could be a baby girl.

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