10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have a nice meal with your family underneath a waterfall or inside a volcano? Now, you can let your fantasies come alive, as you can experience all this for real. There are many places in the world that give you the joy of exploring ‘unusual’ restaurants where you can dine. The word ‘unusual’ here is not just a term used to attract tourists, but it actually describes the strange and bizarre elements of some restaurants worldwide. Nothing can be more adventurous than going for one of such unusual and peculiar restaurants that have their own unique way of presenting food and satisfying customers. Romantic dates are passé these days. You should add some spice and adventure to your dates. And for such an experience, there is a list of unusual restaurants all around the globe that you must definitely try.

1. Hajime Restaurant, Bangkok

If you are a fan of robotics, then this place is best suited for you. Hajime Restaurant in Bangkok offers you services through their well-maintained and trained robots! There are no human servers in here; robots provide all the services to you. This feature makes this restaurant unusual and cool. If you are visiting Bangkok, then you must try Hajime Restaurant at least once. This place will be adored by your children, thanks to the friendly and interesting robots.

2. Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Nothing can be more beautiful than coming close to nature while you are dining. In the gorgeous city of Philippines, Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant is one such destination that cannot be missed at any cost. In this unusual restaurant, food is served on a bamboo table, and just a few inches away is the waterfall. While you are enjoying your sumptuous meal, the sparkling water is flowing gently and kissing your feet. The experience of this restaurant is out-of-the-world, and you don’t really feel like leaving the place. The ambiance of this restaurant is inspired by nature for an unbelievable and incredible feel and experience.

3. El Diablo Restaurant, Spain

Anything inspired by nature can be extremely beautiful and fascinating. The same things apply to the El Diablo Restaurant that is located inside a volcano! This bizarre restaurant is located at a far-fetched island near Spain, called Lanzarote. There is a huge volcano hole in the ground from where natural heat erupts from the deepest areas of the Earth, and the food is cooked there. Every chef has been given their own volcano hole where they prepare their lip-smacking dishes. The speciality of this place is the grilled items on the menu, which are extremely delicious.

4. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

The whole concept of eating your food in the toilet seems so foul. But young entrepreneurs from Taiwan changed the concept of restaurant décor with their bizarre idea. Modern Toilet is that one restaurant where chairs have been replaced by toilet pots, and plates by miniature bathtubs and urinals. The decor of this restaurant has also been influenced by other elements of toilets, for instance poop-shaped ceiling lights, plungers and showerheads all over. This innovative idea stood out from the rest, and got many rave reviews by the people in Taiwan and all over the world.

5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Now you can have dinner with sharks in the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, located in the Rangali Island of Maldives. This restaurant lets you witness the marine world as you eat your meal with your loved ones. This is the first-ever undersea restaurant that is located 16 feet below the sea level. The acrylic structure of this restaurant accommodates 14 people in total, and has a transparent roof of 270 degrees, giving you a panoramic view of the sea and the sharks. The experience of eating your meal here is absolutely breathtaking.

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