5 Signs You Are Burning Fat

5 Signs You Are Burning Fat

When your mission is to look slimmer and feel healthier, then it’s important that your diet and exercise regimen are such that make you lose fat. But how can you come to know whether you are on the right track or not? A simple weighing scale cannot accurately tell you whether your weight loss is because of fat loss or not. Here are some further signs that show that you are losing fat.

1.Your tightest fitting jeans are comfortable to you now

Clothes are one of the best indicators of your fat loss. So if your old and tight jeans are back in your current wardrobe, then give yourself a pat because you are definitely making progress.

2.Your body measurements have changed

This means that your circumference, measurements of limbs, chest, waist and buttocks have slightly reduced. Fat takes more space than muscles, so when you lose fat it shows as loss in body inches.

3.Your energy levels do not drop during the day

You find yourself energetic throughout the day. This happens when your body is burning fat to get energy. When your body depends on your carbohydrate intake, then you are bound to feel alternate cycles of energy and fatigue. However when fat is used as a fuel source, energy levels remain stable and constant throughout the day.

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