15 Simple Ways to Go Green

15 Simple Ways to Go Green

Global warming is a burning issue all over the world. Global warming causes unpredictable climatic changes. Are you doing your bit to conserve the energy? Make small changes to go green, this would be an effort from your side. Listed below are some simple ways to go green, read on.

1. Turn off the monitor

While sitting at the computer, you often leave it unattended. This happens because of some work. While doing some other activity always turn off the monitor. This helps to save the energy. Always turn off the computer from the power mode.

2. Car pooling

You might know about the car pool system, but do you use it? Talk to your colleague or a friend to start a car pooling today. Car pooling done on alternate days can save on fuel.

3. Newspaper subscription

A simple way to go green is to cancel the newspaper subscription. Follow the news on websites or social sites like Twitter or Facebook. Download newspaper applications on your phone to stay updated. This will be a small effort from your side.

4. Shop for eco friendly products

Everything is eco friendly today, so take advantage of this. From home décor to clothes, buy eco friendly products to go green. Use eco friendly shopping bags to support the cause.

5. Buy energy saving appliances

It is always a good idea to purchase energy efficient appliances. Almost all major brands offer energy saving star rating on their products. If the rating is more, the saving is more.

6. Pay online

Go green by paying all the bills online. This will help to reduce the usage of paper, which will help to conserve the environment. Pay online taxes to minimize the use of paper.

7. Plant herbs

Plating new herbs in your backyard is an excellent idea. The herb plants can be used for your personal purposes and conserving the environment.

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