6 Signs That Maybe You are Dating a Married Man

Signs That Maybe You are Dating a Married Man

Love has no boundaries, and when you love someone, you tend to act blind. What if the man you are dating is already married? What if he has been lying to you all this while? It is better to be sure now, than to repent later. Listed below are some signs which indicate that the man you are dating may be be married.

1. If he has given you a single contact number

If he has given you a single contact number, and denies sharing other personal information, then something is surely fishy. Ask for his other contact details; if he hesitates, then he might be fooling you. He would want to hide all his contact details from you so that you don’t find the truth.

2. If he does not talk about friends and family

A married man who is cheating on you would never talk about his family and friends. Ask him about his family, and see his reaction. If he ignores the topic, then be sure he is hiding his marital status. He would not want to discuss friends also, because he wants to keep the affair with you as ‘private’.

3. If he avoids public places

This is the catch; a married man would always avoid going to public places due to the presence of other people who might know him. He will always suggest going to isolated places. Or, if he tells you to stay indoor and watch a movie, then he might already be married. He might not meet you at weekends if he is married.

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