6 Signs You are a Feminist

6 Signs You are a Feminist

Feminism is an often debated topic in society and the world can be divided into feminists, chauvinists and fence sitters. A feminist is essentially one who advocates equal rights for both the sexes and feels shortchanged if she comes across any instance of business towards the male sex. If you connect with any of these feelings listed here, you can proudly claim to be a feminist.

1. Women’s issues are topics of discussions

When hanging out with anyone, be it your friends, partner, family or colleagues, the topic of women’s issues, emancipation and liberation pops up in your head as a good topic for conversation. You find yourself talking a lot about these matters and while others remain mostly noncommittal about their views, you come off as strong and opinionated.

2. You find it hard to trust males as friends

You are the opposite of a tomboy since you have more of female friends and very few male friends. You gel much better with females and tend to trust them more than men. Somehow men get intimidated by your strong views on women’s issues.

3. You follow your heart and not the society

You are totally not the girl who will spend her life in the normal way that most women do, as per society’s unsaid rules. You can’t imagine changing your last name, settling before the biological clock ticks away or even having babies if you don’t want them. In short, you live your life on your own terms, unapologetically and independently.

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