7 Tips to Avoid Feeling Sleepy at Work

7 Tips to Avoid Feeling Sleepy at Work

Feeling sleepy at work is quite common. It plagues many a person, but there are things that can be done to avoid it. After all, you don’t want to be caught napping at work. We give you some tips to avoid feeling sleepy at work.

1. Balanced breakfast

The constant feeling of tiredness at work is a sign that your body is lacking energy. Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day and therefore it is important to have a rich healthy and nutritious breakfast so that you don’t have to consume unhealthy choices for lunch. Your body stores the energy received from breakfast and will keep you active throughout the day. So make sure you don’t skip it! Go for eggs or else cereal or muesli.

2. What’s for lunch?

The food you have for lunch has a lot of connection with drowsiness and sleepiness thereafter. So, make sure you avoid fast food, sugar, flour and high carbs for lunch. Foods rich in protein are suggested and the amount of food intake during lunch must be watched out for. If you want to gorge on that pastry or doughnut, save it for the night!

3. Become physically active

Hours spent at work make all of us feel tired.Slouching in a chair, sitting in front of the computer, browsing through a stack of documents – these activities can make us feel even more sleepy. The key is to become active! Every now and then do something that will energize your body. Taking the stairs, doing some stretches or going for work can keep the sleep monster at bay.

4. Talk

Believe it or not, talking to someone can make your sleep run away. It could be someone at work who is fun to talk to. Or even a friend that you may want to call. Jog that brain of yours by having a short conversation with someone.

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