8 Christmas Party Games For Kids

8 Christmas Party Games For Kids

Christmas is on its way! We are sure you must be spending a lot of your time and energy in decorating your house, making Christmas cards and a horde of other festive activities. But have you thought about the kind of games that kids can play at your Christmas party? If not, we have some amazing games for you right here.

1. Gift Relay

Before playing this game, you have to wrap two identical boxes with tape and wrapping paper. Then divide the kids into two teams and keep the gift boxes on a table or on the floor. Now, each team member has to unwrap the gift, rewrap it and come back and tag the next member. The team that finishes the task of rewrapping all the gifts, will be declared the winner. You can choose anything to keep as a gift inside the boxes.

2. Pass the parcel

Here comes the wonderful, traditional game of passing the parcel, only with a twist! Pack all sorts of Christmas treats like candies, erasers and chocolate kisses in a box and wrap the box with different layers of wrapping paper. Pass the parcel around while playing some nice Christmas music. When the music stops, the kid holding the parcel will unwrap it and so on. After everyone gets a turn at opening the parcel, open the box and distribute the treats to all the kids.

3. Ornament hunt

Hide all sorts of Christmas ornaments around your house. Then divide the children into teams and send them searching for those ornaments. The team who finds majority of the ornaments will be the winner!

4. Visit from Santa

What’s the best way to enjoy a Christmas party with kids than calling Santa himself to add fun to the occasion? Hire a Santa or ask your husband to impersonate as Santa to play with the kids, distribute gifts to them in true Santa style and sing ‘Jingle Bells’ with them!

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