4 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

4 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

Most of us who are married would like for it to last. We would want to get out of it only when things get too much to take or when you think you have been sucked dry and there is nothing more left in you to give. There can be a lot of reasons for the breakup of a marriage but many a times, it would be just you who would have unintentionally done things to sabotage it. Sometimes even our best intentions may backfire on us and lead to the breakdown of the marriage. You can never know what ticks your husband off and he might not be very forthcoming about it either. The best way would be to talk it out. Here are some ways in which you could be sabotaging your marriage.

1.Waiting for him to make the first move in bed

When it becomes a routine for him to always make the first move and beg for you to sleep with him many times a week, he is going to lose interest in you eventually. You may think you don’t need sex or that it is improper to ask him or initiate sex, but men love it and you should know that you too like having sex and you should start getting it on for a few days in a month too. When you say no too many times, he is going to assume the worst and this may create a rift between the two of you.

2.Belittling him

He may not be driven or ambitious like you and he might be just happy working at his current job. He may have a slight paunch or a huge stomach and be ok with that too. Unless his weight is giving him serious health concerns or if his job is making him miserable and he is just wallowing in self-pity, learn to leave him alone. Do not belittle him and make fun of his body or work. Even if you have good reasons and are really concerned about him, do not do this to him, especially in front of other people.

3.Putting your family before him

When you are married, it automatically means that you now have a family of your own. You need not break down all ties with your family, but you need to understand that your new family comes first. When you have important news to share and you prefer to share it with your parents or sibling than your husband, he is going to get hurt. This will keep festering until it does some serious damage to your marriage. Learn to confide in him and if you feel you can’t, then it is time you gave some serious thought about what is wrong.

4.Not acknowledging him

Marriage is not a game of one up man ship. It takes two to tango. Appreciate him for the things he does in making the marriage work. Do not always complain. Show your appreciation in little ways. Give him a peck on the cheek when he is least expecting it, send him a love you note or just do something special to let him know that you appreciate what he is doing and that you acknowledge his commitment to you and the family.

The most important thing is to treat him the way he wants to be treated just like you would want to be treated well. Introspection is important in any relationship and if you really look into what is going wrong you might find the ways in which you are sabotaging your marriage.

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