How To Make Friends With An Enemy?

How To Make Friends With An Enemy?

Before you decide to take steps to befriend an enemy, it is wise to think over whether it is actually necessary. If you are thinking of approaching someone who was your good friend once, but is now against you due to some misunderstanding, then we would say go for it. But if the person is basically a rude and irrational person, who is your rival just for the sake of it, then we would say forget it. The final call, however, is yours.

1. Share memories

Enemies are meant to be, you cannot escape them. Some of them are the silent types, who simply live despising you. But others can cause serious damage to you. The worst kinds of enemies are the ones who were your friends once. It hurts to see people you love turn against you with or without reason. If it is one of your ex-friend you are approaching, then we would suggest you talk to her/him about all the good things you did together. Reviving the old memories may make them realize that whatever the reason, it is not worth being your enemy.

2. Set things straight

Some might have reasons to hate you, while others just don’t like you. If you know the reason for your enmity with someone, it is probably a good idea to set things straight by talking with that person face-to-face. Just invite the person for a cup of coffee and discuss why he/she is unhappy with you. You may get a honest answer, thus enabling you to improve things between the two of you. However, there are chances that the person may answer rudely, resulting in your efforts getting wasted.

3. Make an impression

Come across as a good person and ensure that your foe sees the good side of you as often as possible. Be good to that person and it may just change his/her mind about you. Even though this might be a bit difficult to do, we have seen this trick work in the favor of many. You should not let the hatred of the other person towards you change your thoughts and actions. Being yourself is sometimes the best answer of all.

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