6 Tips to Overcome Stage Fear

6 Tips to Overcome Stage Fear

The fear of facing a large audience is very common. Great speakers also must have faced it initially and overcame it. The challenge is to go up there and try each time with complete faith in yourself. One day you will surely overcome stage fear. Here are 6 ways to overcome stage fear.

1. Practice well

If you are not well rehearsed and are unsure of what you are going to speak about, it will add on to your fear. If you are well prepared and have confidence you will be able to focus entirely on your presentation skills. Make sure you know your content well so that your focus does not get diverted and your fear does not take over.

2. Work on your presentation skills

If you know your content well then start working on your presentation skills. Practice hand gestures and voice modulation. On stage, your entire focus will be on your content and presentation. This way you won’t pay attention to the fear.

3. Do not overthink

Overthinking would make you panic even if you are confident. Don’t let any kind of negative thoughts enter your mind. Just go up there and do your best. Don’t think about what will happen or think of the consequences. If you are well prepared then nothing can go wrong.

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