7 Ways to Make Him Listen to You

7 Ways to Make Him Listen to You

Are you sick and tired of your boyfriend not listening to you? Do you think he takes you for granted by switching off the minute you begin to talk? Do you have a hard time getting him to follow a serious conversation? Use these tips to get his attention and make him listen to you.

1. Throw a tantrum to get attention

It isn’t a big deal for a woman to throw a loving tantrum to get her man’s attention. Tell your husband you won’t cook dinner or your boyfriend that you won’t help him with his assignment unless you get his undivided attention. Throw a tantrum without becoming too grumpy or serious about it and you may just get your man to lend his ears to you.

2. Don’t listen to him

Tit for tat is a strategy that you can use to make your boyfriend listen to you. Remind him that your relationship is a two way street by giving him a cold shoulder when he starts talking. Instead of complaining to him verbally, get your actions to make him realize that he should be listening to you.

3. Avoid interrupting him when he talks

One of the reasons that your boyfriend may not listen to you could be because he doesn’t feel respected when he does the talking. Introspect on your own behavior and check if you are the one who interrupts him every time he starts talking. If this is the case, not listening to you could be his way of taking revenge and making you realize your mistake.

4. Pick the right time to start a conversation

If you start talking about something important to your boyfriend in the middle of a baseball match, a video game or an action movie, you are likely to be disappointed. You should also avoid starting an important conversation with him when he seems depressed, upset or stressed out.

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