9 Ways to Become the Best Parent

9 Ways to Become the Best Parent

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling experiences of a woman’s life. A lot of parents consider love as the most important thing but sometimes too much of love can spoil a child. Some parents try to discipline their child all the time but too much of interference can make your child under confident and dull. So, the question is, how exactly can you become the best parent for your child? Check out the following tips to find the answer.

1. Give up your vices immediately

You should quit gambling, alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. immediately after finding out that you are pregnant. Some people think that these things won’t affect their child in any way but the truth is that these habits can jeopardize your child’s financial security big time. These habits don’t just make you a financially unstable parent but they also make you an unhealthy parent. These habits can make you defamed in the society and you really don’t want people to call your kids by a name like, “Gambler’s son.” So, quit all these bad habits if you want to keep your kids and yourself healthy. This will help you set a good example for the kids.

2. Allow your kids to make mistakes and learn from them

Don’t spoon feed your kids all the time. Once they are in their teenage, they should be able to cook for themselves. For instance if your kid insists that he wants to go out without wearing a jacket then let him do so. Carry a warm jacket along and let him feel the cold. Afterwards, he will ask for the jacket himself. Don’t try to make decisions for the kids all the time. Instead, let them know that they are responsible for their actions and they will have to face the consequences of the same. This will make them good decision makers and problem solvers.

3. Express your love

How many times have you told your mother that you love her? This question can astonish most of the people because kids usually don’t say ‘I Love You’ to their parents. Make sure you express your love to your kids through hugs, pats and kisses. Tell your kids that you love them while you tuck them in for a good night’s sleep.

4. Don’t criticize the kid but do criticize their bad habits

Kids are never bad. Their habits may be bad. So, don’t tell your kids that they are ‘Bad’ when they do something they should not have done. Instead, tell them that what they did was ‘bad.’ For instance if your kid hits another child in school, tell him that he behaved badly and he should say sorry to the kid he hit. You can go to his classroom with him and ask him to shake hands with the kid whom he hit. Kids actually need guidance. Once you tell them what they can do to solve a problem, they surely will solve it.

5. Appreciate your kids

Don’t compare your kids with others, especially siblings. Even if you do, don’t tell them that some kids are much better than them. Every child is unique and being a parent, you must celebrate their differences. You must encourage your kids to pursue their interests and dreams. Don’t force them to do something they are likely to fail at because this will give them an inferiority complex. Tell your kids that it is alright to be different from others and it is alright not to follow the crowd. Teach him what’s right and what’s not and appreciate them when they do the right thing. For instance, you can simply give a pat to your kid if he tells you that his little sister is hungry and he wants to feed her.

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