7 Ways to Handle a Work Setback

7 Ways to Handle a Work Setback

It is difficult to handle a work setback, especially if you don’t get what you were looking forward to for a long time. It is unquestionably painful to watch your colleague get the promotion that you thought you deserved or see someone else chosen over for an overseas assignment. The company might also hire someone from outside instead of promoting you to that level. So how do you handle it without creating a scene or blowing your top off and embarrassing yourself at the work place? Here are a few tips.

1. Handle it with grace

Even if it is eating you from the inside and you want to hit a few people, pretend that you are okay with it. Handle it with grace, people will watch how you react, and your reaction may determine how your employers handle you after this.

2. Learn from the experience

Look at the setback as a learning experience. Find out why the other person got a promotion or an award instead of you and set about to get it the next time.

3. Do not get discouraged

A setback is never permanent. There is always the next time and there might be better opportunities the next time. It does not mean the end of your career. Buckle up and work harder.

4. Congratulate your rival

Your colleague might now be your boss. Do not miss to congratulate. You will have to work with them every day and you do not want any ill feelings to develop between the two of you.

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