7 Ways to Avoid Playing Favorites with Your Kids

7 Ways to Avoid Playing Favorites with Your Kids

It’s tough being a parent and tougher being a parent of more than one child, for it is a Herculean task to avoid playing favorites among them. There could be times when unknowingly you might favor one and ignore the other, but it is important to remember that after all, they both are your kids. Just as you cannot rate one finger more important over the other, you also cannot play favorites among your kids. Here are 7 ways in which you can avoid doing that.

1. Tell your husband to keep a check on how you treat them

If your favoritism has been increasing, then it would be a wise decision to ask your husband to keep a check on you and regulate your behavior. A third person can make better judgement about your behavior towards your kids, and who better than your husband to do that.

2. Gift equally

Gifting is a very important aspect while checking for favoritism. See to it that you purchase items for them which they desire and which are of almost equal value. Don’t purchase a high end gadget for one kid’s birthday and gift another an average priced product just because you got into a financial glitch by then. If you worry about financial problems, then save up equal amounts of money for their respective birthdays so that they don’t have anything to complain about.

3. Spend equal amount of time

If you accompany one child to their soccer training and expect the other to go to dance classes by themselves, then you are playing favorites. Make it a habit to spend equal amount of time with your children and if you really don’t have time, then be with them at home only; don’t make special plans with any one child.

4. Listen to your child’s complaint about favoritism

If you find one of your children complaining about unfair or biased treatment then ask him or her in which way you are being impartial. You could gain a lot of insight into your behavior through their perspective and improve on decreasing the favoritism after taking their advice.

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