8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in April

8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in April

There are a lot of fun facts associated with April some of which will even astound you. If you’re an April born, read on and add to your knowledge.

1. The origin

There is much dissidence regarding the origin of the term April, but one of the most popular view-point is that since previously it was known as ‘Aprilis,’ the second month of the Roman calendar; it must have been named so in honor of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. A competing theory traces its origin to the Latin word ‘aperire’ meaning ‘to open.’

2. Star sign

People born in the month of April come under either of the two star signs of Aries or Taurus based on whether their birthday is on/before April 20 or later.

3. Birth flower

Daisy is the birth flower for the month of April. Daisy meaning ‘pretty’ in Latin symbolizes purity, innocence and gaiety.

4. Birth stone

Diamond is the birthstone for April. Diamond is one of the most precious stone known to man and symbolizes purity, prosperity and relationship.

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