5 St. Patrick’s Day Games

5 St. Patrick's Day Games

One of the most popular saint’s day in the world. St. Patrick’s Day originated from Ireland and is celebrated world over as a feast day. The color green, alcohol consumption, parades, games and events are synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day in most cultures. With so much pomp and splendor observed during this day, St. Patrick’s Day games are hugely popular and offer entertainment to kids and adults alike. Here are Some of the very interesting and fun games played during St. Patrick’s Day.

1. St. Patrick’s Day Puzzle

This puzzle is ideal for kids and especially those who love vehicles. This is printed on paper where nine leprechauns who consider themselves lucky because they are near the pot of gold travel each in their own vehicles towards their goal. Unfortunately, when they near the pot, their vehicles disappear. Now all that you have to do is guess what vehicle each had.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt with the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. Create a pot of gold coins made of chocolate. Cut out clover shapes from green card and use each of the cards to mention a clue that leads to the elusive pot of gold. Have one large clover for the first clue that you can place at your kids’ bedside. Let them scout around the area for the pot of gold that you have set aside for playing scavenger hunt.

3. Shamrock Streamer

This online game entices your kids and keeps them occupied for hours together. You have a list of characters to choose from to play your game. There is a dynamic streamer that you will need to follow right on its track. When you dwindle away from the streamer’s path, the game ends. Your points increase with accuracy.

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