7 Tips To Make Scars Heal Faster Without Leaving Marks

 Tips To Make Scars Heal Faster Without Leaving Marks

Scars can spoil your look and leave your skin looking unappealing. Though it is difficult to get rid of scars, with proper attention, care, and in time, the scars can be all gone! We have listed some tips to make scars heal faster without leaving any marks on your skin.

1. Skin Care

It is important that you protect your scars from getting worse. To do so, you have to follow a strict skin care routine. Do not step out in the sun without applying sunscreen. Every night before going to bed, wash your face and apply an overnight healing cream that suits your skin type.

2. Aloe Vera Gel and Tea Tree Oil

Clean your scar with mild soap and water, and apply either Aloe Vera gel or tea tree oil to it. You can wash it after 15 minutes or so. Do this and over time, you will see the difference.

3. Cucumber and Onion

Cucumber juice can also help your scars heal faster. Extract some juice out of a ripe cucumber and apply it all over your face. Leave it for sometime and wash your face. You can also use onion puree as a quick scar healing technique. Applying tomato to your skin can also have positive results.

4. Medical Procedures

There are some medicinal procedures that can help heal the scars. However, they can have some side effects and are also expensive. Laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and needling are some of the very popular techniques. You will need to get them done only under medical supervision.

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