7 Ways Men & Women Communicate Differently

 Ways Men & Women Communicate Differently

When a man and a woman were created, they were both created in a very different manner. Christian history states that while a man is created out of the soil, a woman is made out of the man’s rib. They are different in more than one way. And we are not talking only physically. Both men and women see the world in a completely different manner. The secret to understanding the differences existing among them is in the way they two communicate.

Following are seven common communication differences that you should be knowing in order to have a better understanding with your partner. Here are 7 ways men and women communicate differently.

1. The Talk

Man thinks: I talk when it is required. Every conversation has to have a clear purpose. If it does not, there is no reason why I need to talk. Talking to my partner all the time is such a waste of energy when there are so many other things we could do together. Silence is peaceful. It increases the intimacy with my partner because there are so many things that silence communicates. Actions speak louder than words.

Woman thinks: I talk because it entertains me. A conversation does not need to have a purpose. It keeps my mind free from boredom and allows me to let others know how I am feeling at all times. Talking with my partner will bring me closer to him. Silence is scary. It makes me feel my partner is disinterested in me. Actions and words have equal weightage.

2. The Amount You Talk

Man thinks: I have the habit of prioritizing everything in my life, even the conversations I have with people. For example, if I am telling someone a story I will only speak about those things in the story that form an important part of the story. I am often amazed by the unnecessary talk that women have. Hence if my partner tells me her problem, I will constantly interrupt once I feel I have heard enough to help her solve it.

Woman thinks: I first talk and then let the conversation decide where it wants to go. Most of the time, I don’t have a purpose to talk, but I feel talking is a sign of compatibility. When I am telling a story, for me every little detail is important. Hence, I am looking for a partner who is able to lend me his listening ear when I want to talk.

3. The Listening

Man thinks: My mind is conditioned in such a manner that it listens actively. When a woman starts a conversation, I automatically assume that she is doing it because she is looking for advice. So most of the time I am waiting for her to stop talking so that I can give her my opinion. Listening patiently is not a very easy task for me.

Woman thinks: I believe every conversation has a productive purpose. If I feel that my partner is listening to me, he has already earned my respect. I love to speak about my day to those who are close to me. And speaking about my day includes my happiness, my sorrows, shopping, relationships, fights, bitching etc. Someone who can listen to me is considered really sensitive and automatically is a huge turn on. Not always am I looking for an advice, sometimes I just want to be heard.

4. When he Low

Man thinks: When I am low I don’t want to talk about it. I would rather prefer to distract my mind and do other things that take my mind off my problem. I tend to get into a “shell” and become really quite at such times. I may do things like watch a movie, go out for a drive, play video games, watch television or have sex. I may avoid having a conversation with my partner at such a time. Instead I would prefer talking to her when my problem gets sorted out.

Woman thinks: I might misinterpret my partner’s silence for that he may be upset about something I did. I may also think that maybe I am not able to make him happy or he does not trust me, and hence is not confiding in me. I would rather prefer him talking about his problems and I would love to listen to him. His silence however makes me feel really insecure.

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