10 Moments In Your Life Which Are Priceless

10 Moments In Your Life Which Are Priceless

What are the priceless moments in your life? When you have a billion dollars and you own a luxury villa in Italy? Think again, the most priceless moments of anyone’s life are never about the money. You experience such moments as you grow old every day, and would be remembered about such moments from time to time. But you may not feel the same way when you actually experience this moment. Here are a few of those moments that you might have or yet to experience in your life.

1. Your first toy

You probably whined, cried or might have fallen on your knees for this one. All these things finally made your mum buy you that toy which you were so anxious about for a really long time. That is a really significant moment for any child who’d been dreaming for that toy. The very look on your face changes and the toy is priceless for you!

2. Taste of victory

You’ve just won a medal in a sprint race or won a debate in school. The resounding applause and cheer of your classmates is something you will never forget. This very moment for the people who have experienced it – priceless!

3. First love

The very feeling of love increases your heartbeat and the world seems to spin on its axis. You can’t seem to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach. That’s when you know, it’s love. Your emotions are heightened and you feel on top of the world. All this can be experienced only for the first time making it priceless.

4. Graduation day

You and your parents have been waiting for this day for a long time. When it finally arrives, with you donning your graduation cap and your best buddies besides you, rejoicing and reveling in the moment, this is surely a priceless moment for you and your family! The very proud look on your parents face due to your achievement makes the moment priceless.

5. Met your favorite celebrity

You just saw your favorite celebrity at a mall or at a movie preview. Now you’re jumping on your toes and are full of joy for just having a glimpse of him! You run through the crowd and ask him for an autograph, but he offers you a photo and this happy look on your face is priceless.

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