7 Tips to Impress Your Female Boss

7 Tips to Impress Your Female Boss

A female boss can be tough to handle especially when you are a woman. It is comparatively easier for a woman to please a male boss. This is because men have a soft corner for women. On the other hand, women bosses can consider the women of their team as a competition. Sometimes it can be challenging to please or even dwell with female bosses. Here are some ideas which can help you work with a female boss and keep her happy.

1. Give her compliments

Women simply love compliments. Make sure you say, “Red color suits you a lot” if you really like one of her red dresses. Don’t overdo this though. Give her honest compliments and don’t make her think that you are trying too hard to flatter her.

2. Treat your boss no different than your male colleagues

Whether you are going through a change in the management or have just joined a new job, this is one of the best tricks to deal with every female boss. Treat her like your male colleagues or bosses because this will let her know that you consider men and women as equals.

3. Find out what your boss’s leadership style is

You must act according to your boss’s leadership style. Some female bosses like to act as mentors or coaches for their teams. On the other hand, some female bosses like to act as leaders who command or dictate. So, learn the leadership style of your boss and adhere to that. If your boss likes to command then show her a lot of respect. Show her that you respect her decisions and experience. On the other hand, if your boss acts like a mentor then show her that you really appreciate her guidance and the way she treats the team. Also, contribute to the team with enthusiasm and work with a smile all day.

4. Stay excited about the new projects and even the regular work

Be willing to go beyond the kind of contribution that’s expected out of you. This will surely help you get your female boss’s attention. Slacking and making excuses will not impress your female boss at all. So, show some excitement when you get a new project or while you work on a regular one. When she calls you in her cabin and asks, “What do you think of this new project? Will you be able to do it?” just tell her “A new project is a new opportunity and I will try my best to make it successful.”

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