How to Be Friends with Your Teenage Son?

How To Be Friends With Your Teenage Son?

If you thought raising your son as an infant and through his initial schooling was a tough job, think again. Your son, now in his teenage, can be one hard character to deal with it. With heated arguments and the age barrier playing its part, it will become all the more difficult for you to spend quality time with your son. The relationship between a mother and her son is a very special and unique one. The emotional attachment between a mother and a son grows during these teen years. Being a mother, you can teach your son how to respect and treat the opposite sex. And the best way to do is by being friends with your teenage son. Read this article and learn how to be friends with your teenage son.

1. Wear his shoes

To start off, put yourself in his shoes. Go back in time when you were his age. You will understand and respond better as a friend, when you think like a teenager.

2. Respect his space

Give him his space and freedom. But make sure you are part of his personal space and welcomed always.

3. Give him your time

Spend more time together. Do the things he wants to do. Make sure you’re always available for him.

4. Have fun with him

Show him he can have fun with his mother just the way he does with his friends. Shoot hoops with him or sit on the roller coaster. The bottom line is, he should count on you as a friend.

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