7 Tips to Deal with a Girl Flirting with Your Boyfriend

7 Tips to Deal with a Girl Flirting with Your Boyfriend

Having some girl hitting on your boyfriend is very unpleasant and you are ought to feel frustrated and angry. However, you are old enough to handle the issue and hence it is important for you to think and act rationally even when there is a temptation to land a blow on her face. Here are some tips on how to deal with a girl who’s hitting your guy.

1. Firstly, identify if the girl is really hitting on your boyfriend or if she means no harm. Talk to her or observe her body language when she is with your guy. There are certain obvious signs that you can notice if she is being flirtatious. Take action only when you are doubly sure of her intentions, else you would lose the respect that your boyfriend has for you and also of other girls.

2. When you are convinced of the fact that she certainly is making her moves, identify if your guy is reciprocating or encouraging the girl. There is no point unleashing your fury on the girl when your boyfriend is also party to the crime.

3. When your boyfriend is innocent, ask him to deal with the problem by confronting the girl himself. This is a very mature way of handling things. A girl will not want to lose her self-respect and keep making advances even when the guy is repeatedly turning her down.

4. Talk and have a very rational and logical discussion with her. State your thoughts and feelings and never once should you let it go to an emotional level. This will make you feel bitter about the entire ordeal. If the girl has some sense written in her head, she will not intrude into your life again.

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