9 Unusual Foods to Try


Each country has its own version of unusual food. What might be a delicacy in one region or country might be thrown out was waste in another country. Some delicacies can even be banned in certain parts of the world, citing animal cruelty, such as foie gras , which is a delicacy in France but is banned in California. Some foods are so unusual that they can be considered completely weird. Here is a list of unusual foods that you must try at least once in a while.

1. Snake wine from Vietnam and China

It is bound to make some people gag looking at snakes in a bottle full of fluid, but it’s a local favorite in the rural parts of Vietnam and China. Try it once if you are okay with snake soaked rice wine added with a little bit of blood and other fluids.

2. Century eggs from China

They look like rotten eggs, and unlike its name they are not preserved for a century, but for a few months. The insides look pretty dirty, but you can always try it if you can get past the look of the eggs.

3. Fugu

It is literally playing with your life. The chefs cooking fugu or puffer fish have to be extremely skilled at removing the poisonous parts from the fish. If not you can be killed and many people have dies after eating it too.

4. Fried spiders from Cambodia

They don’t look too scary when they are on your plate deep fried. They are crispy and taste a little spidery, but it is unusual and worth a try, if at least to get back at the tarantulas for scaring the hell out of you as a kid.

5. Witchetty grub from Australia

A very wormy dish. It is the larvae of several moths and were originally a favorite of the aborigines.

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