7 Tips to Ace Your Exams

7 Tips to Ace Your Exams

Exam time makes even the most confident person, nervous. Everyone wants to ace their exams, and students are constantly finding ways to pass with flying colors without having to take the risk of cheating or pulling their hair out with long study sessions. All you need are these smart tips.

1. Sleep properly

Students often end up putting so much time in their studies that they sacrifice on their sleep. You need at least 7 hours of sleep and come what may, you should fulfill your snooze quota. Sleep refreshes the mind cells and makes you fresh enough to remember what you learned. Lack of sleep will make you irritated and drowsy as well as forget the stuff you studied.

2. Go off social networking

The biggest distractions nowadays are social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Deactivate your accounts for sometime, until you are done with your exams. Also, notify your friends about your impending exams and ask them to text or call you only when important.

3. Make a study schedule

You ought to plan how many and which chapters or subjects you are going to learn in a day. Make a study schedule and paste or pin it up in your study space. This way, you will be on track and progress steadily with your studies.

4. Change your study environment from time to time

Don’t stay cooped up in your room the whole day, and cocooned in a particular position. It dulls the brain cells and causes headaches. Study in the library for sometime, in your room, then in the drawing room, on the terrace, while walking, etc.

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