Know Why Flirting Is Healthy For You

Know Why Flirting Is Healthy for You

Flirting is basically behaving amorously but in a manner which says clearly that you are not serious about this relationship or do not mean to take the person you are flirting with seriously. While being in a serious relationship is great and you may feel very lucky about the person you are with, flirting is something like a breather here. If you are single, then flirting may be just another way for you to meet up with new people, people who may become your potential partner. If you are are married and if you also have kids, then too flirting is good, if you can keep it at flirting and not get involved in infidelity. It is pure fun and a great way of feeling alive.

Whether it is the brushing of arms or a little wink and a smile, flirting has that great capacity to make us feel excited. Many of us would feel that we are out of practice but this never happens. As soon as someone cute smiles at you, just smile back, a smile can never harm. Haven’t you heard, smiles spread joy?

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