6 Tips on How to Get Full Lips

6 Tips on How to Get Full Lips

Which woman would not like full luscious lips with a pout that draws admiring looks? However, not many are blessed with full lips and most of them go in for cosmetic surgeries to plump up their lips. You do not really have to go under the knife, if you don’t wish to, just to get fuller lips. Given below are a few tips that can make your lips appear fuller, redder and more attractive without sharp edges and injections.

1. Scrub and exfoliate

One of the best things that you can do for fuller lips is to exfoliate them regularly. Exfoliation not only removes dead and cracked cells but also improves blood circulation, which gives your lips an instant plump. Do it just before you attend a party and your lips appear fuller for at least a couple of hours.

2. Use concealer

Before you apply lipstick, apply a coat of concealer or foundation so that cracks and gaps are filled and the lip appears smooth. This instantly makes lips appear fuller and smoother.

3. Apply lipstick smartly

The way you apply lipstick makes a lot of difference to the way you look. Always line your lips with a nude color or the same color as the lipstick and line the bottom line of your lips. If your lips are thin, apply on the skin bordering the lips. Fill up the lipstick uniformly with a brush. Apply gloss only in the center of lips.

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