5 Tips to Help Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

5 Tips to Help Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

Often you see children recoiling in their shell, afraid to meet their friends, staying locked in their room, keeping away from food and worse even throwing up. These are signs that your child is developing a sound concept of body image and it’s not very positive. You need to help him or her through this and provide the motivation necessary for their growth and development.

1.Encourage them to improve their health

You need to explain directly to your children that as kids they are still growing and developing. Their body weight is not going to stay with them forever. As they are younger, it’s easier for them to get in good shape, look healthy and well maintained.

2.Motivate them to work it out.

Explain to your child that not socializing, keeping away from food and other activities is not going to help them in anyway; if he or she needs to do anything about his or her body, they need to workout, enroll in a gym or get into sports activities.

3.Shower specific and real praises

When you see that she has lost weight, looks slimmer or a certain kind of outfit suits her better, be more specific with your praises and compliments. Many a times, children don’t take their parents very seriously as they know that they are probably just trying to make them feel better.

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