5 Beauty Myths Which are Actually True

Beauty Myths Which are Actually True

Since childhood, our mothers, grandmothers, friends and relatives have all filled us up with so much information on how to look beautiful, and what all to do or avoid in order to get a gorgeous looking skin. While they are not able to sometimes explain why these valuable pieces of advice work, they remain with us at the back of our heads. Sometimes, we don’t take them seriously, and think of them as beauty myths. However, you’ll be surprised to know that some of these crazy beauty myths that people keep talking of are actually true! Here are some beauty myths that are true, with a logical explanation for them all!

1. Rubbing eyes causes wrinkles under them

It’s not like you have scissor-hands that are damaging your eyes, or that your fingers have wrinkle-causing powers. However, when you rub the skin under your eyes too much, then the friction causes the skin’s elasticity in that area to weaken. Since the skin under the eyes is the thinnest, it gets affected much faster than other areas, and the lost elasticity gives the appearance of loose, wrinkled skin. It doesn’t matter if you rub your eyes once in while, however, beauty experts recommend not making a habit out of it.

2. Sleeping with makeup causes zits

Makeup directly never causes zits. However, when you put makeup on for long hours, then it clogs the skin pores. At night, your skin needs to rest, much like your body. It needs to regenerate cells for you to look fresh in the morning. When you sleep with your makeup on, you are actually clogging your skin pores, not allowing skin cells to do their work. Those blocked pores then have accumulated oil, dust and grime, which eventually cause zits.

3. Food eating habits affect acne

As a teenager, every girl wants to enjoy her share of junk food, but also wants to look pretty at the same time. Mothers recommend avoiding oily and greasy foods to prevent acne, but we consider that as a myth. However, there is a logical explanation to what they are saying. Food directly does not cause any skin conditions. However, spicy and oily foods keep the body temperature hot, and also cause the stomach to be clogged, causing problems in smooth digestion, which eventually leads to acne. In fact, each person’s hormones also react differently to different foods, so yes, if you do not flush out the toxins regularly from your body with the help of fresh fruits and salads, then the junk food that you’ve been eating will soon be the culprit of your acne.

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