6 Nice Engagement Party Ideas

6 Nice Engagement Party Ideas

Celebrate this memorable time of a couple’s life using these ideas for an engagement party.

1. Cruise Party

Hire a cruise for the engagement party. It’ll be fun when the couple will exchange rings in the wobbling cruise in the midst of the deep water. The deck of the cruise can be used to arrange dinner. It’ll be a beautiful experience having dinner in open air with water all around.

2. Beach Party

Engagement parties can be celebrated on the beach. Guests will have a lot of fun playing volleyball, driving water bikes and swimming in the sea. Food can be arranged on a sea side shack or restaurant.

3. Valentine Theme Party

Engagement is the time when two people in love come together and embark on a new journey and having a Valentines’ day theme for this occasion is a perfect setting. Decorate the venue with heart shaped balloons and red roses. Use table napkins and cutlery with love or something sweet printed all over them.

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